Digitally Transform Your Balikbayan Box Business

by reternX

The Balikbayan Box business has been around for 40 years, and whilst the industry is very important to Filipino people and culture, there has not been any significant innovation for some time.

In the service industry, digital transformation is prioritized by 95% of companies with innovative technologies as the necessary driver to reach that goal.


Digital Transformation is the process of using technology to create or modify existing business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements. It begins and ends with how you think about, and engage with, customers. 

To understand how we went from paper and pencil record-keeping to innovative businesses built on digital technologies first let’s understand some terms and their differences:

  • Digitization – the process of converting analog to digital i.e. moving from paper, faxes, physical documents to computer files when computers became mainstream. Digital data is more efficient for businesses than analog, but processes were still largely designed around analog-era ideas about how to find, share, and use information. 
  • Digitalization – using digital information to make established ways of working, simpler, and faster because data is instantly accessible since it’s not in a file cabinet. As the technology evolved people started generating ideas to use technology in new ways not just doing the old ways faster. This is where the idea of digital transformation comes from.
  • Digital Transformation – this is about changing the way business gets done by taking a step back and seeing whether a change in process can enable better decision making, increased efficiency, and most importantly better customer experience.

The end-goals of digital transformation are:

  • Improving customer experience
  • Simplify The Work Process
  • Modernize Business Practices
  • Ensure sustainability and future success of the business

You can refer to our blog on innovation stories to see these end-goals being met by businesses, with the help of technology and digital transformation.


The largest factor for any business to change is centered on the end-consumer. Happy and satisfied customers measure how successful a business is. Innovations drive customers to expect more. Every industry, including the Balikbayan box business, are impacted by the disruption of technology.

  • Customers – 73% of today’s consumers are not hesitant to jump from one brand to the next, once they discover that a particular business offers better and faster transactions through innovation and technology. When customers see something new, they would like to see your business offer the same convenience otherwise, they’ll end up looking for other businesses that do offer that.
  • Empowerment – While regular businesses focus on their day-to-day operations, innovative businesses focus on ensuring that the way their products and services are delivered is beneficial to the end-users, that include both customers and employees. 
  • Modernization – Keeping up with the times is crucial for the sustainability of any business because consumer behavior has evolved with changes in technology. Being able to offer customers 24/7 self-service through a medium such as a mobile app has become the bare minimum for businesses today.


If you’re wondering how digital transformation manifests itself in business, here are customer-centric aspects that foster relationships and digital enablement across industries, including your Balikbayan Box Business. 

Marketing & Sales – Businesses can reach out to their target market, without spending a lot of resources. This involves using digital and online methods to increase brand awareness and implement marketing strategies efficiently and effectively. Examples include email, content, and social media marketing, all of which can be automated and monitored, unlike traditional methods. In sales, representatives can access data faster and more accurately, to enable decisions and drive results.

Customer Service Or Self-Service – The global economy grows to be on constant demand to be “uberized.” This means buying products and acquiring services on a mobile app anytime, anywhere. Today, the best form of customer service is for customers to be able to complete transactions on their own, at their convenience. Not just for hailing a ride, ordering food or shopping online, but even booking a Balikbayan Box.

Retail Operations – Shoppers who used to clip coupons from newspapers and magazines now just show their phones at checkout to access in-store discounts and deals. When they do this, their purchases are tallied by digital systems that track consumer behavior trends, tie into inventory and purchasing systems, and trigger individualized customer journey events like email and SMS messaging. In the Balikbayan Box business, this includes offering personalized convenience for customers through a mobile app.


Before proceeding to kickstart your digital transformation, here’s a quick checklist that indicates that your business is due for digital transformation:

  • Customers have trouble reaching you, potentially resulting in lost business 
  • Retaining existing customers and attracting new customers is challenging 
  • No point of differentiation in marketing your service  
  • A lack of collaboration in your team
  • Admin processes are laborious and time-consuming
  • Your technology systems feel old and are not connected

If you are experiencing any one of the scenarios above, then take this as a sign that you need a strategy to transform your business digitally.


For every company, your sustainability and growth are driven by customers and sales. Being able to provide great customer experience will grow your customer base and lead to more sales. And that starts by improving how your business operates. You may be thinking that it will cost a lot of money to find a bespoke technology tailored for a Balikbayan Box business, but there is a solution available that won’t break the bank.

The reternX platforms is an all-in-one technology platform built to empower businesses in the Balikbayan Box industry by connecting data between your customers and your business. We can help you digitally transform your Balikbayan Box Business by:

  • Enhancing your customer experience with convenience, simplicity, and speed. 
  • Engage with customers on their terms, through a mobile app designed specifically for the customer journey when sending a Balikbayan Box.
  • Simplifying business processes for your customers, staff, and business partners so that doing business with you is easy.
  • Creating greater collaboration between your team because data is accessible and can be shared easily. 
  • Significantly reduce administration work and focus more on customer-centric value-added tasks.  Ensure your business can continue to operate in times of uncertainty such as natural disasters or the recent pandemic.

Consider reternX as part of your technological innovation to thrive as a business of the future. You can get in touch with us for a FREE DEMO and learn more about how you can digitally transform your Balikbayan Box business today.