5 Ways Balikbayan Box Companies Can Improve Customer Service with Technology

by ReternX

There’s no denying that customer service is critical to Balikbayan Box companies, and the quality of that service is what will drive customer loyalty.

Improving your business then should start with customer service.

In this opportune time, technology plays a major role in customer service as more businesses adopt automation and other resources as a response to customer needs.

Don’t worry, technology doesn’t mean replacing your manpower or customer service staff.

In fact, interpersonal relationships today between you and customers are more relevant for businesses than ever, and technology supports you to achieve that purpose effectively.

Here are 5 aspects of customer service that can be improved by technology.


In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is of utmost importance.

Understanding convenience from a customer’s point-of-view is far more critical than just a company perspective alone.

Perhaps your customer can only call after hours when they are home from work or they prefer not to carry cash.

To ensure a seamless experience, you have to consider every aspect of your customer’s journey.

It helps to provide them with:

  • An Automated Booking System – that’s available 24/7, to eliminate the need to call during work hours.
  • Cashless Payments – so there is no need for your customers to cash out or withdraw from ATMs.
  • In-app Tracking Anytime – to save customer time from entering tracking numbers onto a website or calling your office to get updates.


The biggest advantage of technology to enhance customer experience is improving communication.


Your customers may contact your business whenever they choose, through a variety of channels such as:

  • In-App
  • SMS Text Messaging
  • Email
  • Social Media

For some, however, it can be overwhelming to manage multiple communication threads.

Using in-app technology reduces customer inquiries and allows you and your customer service team to focus on value added contact instead of general queries by:

  • Send Push Notifications In-app – promote deals or inform customers about shipment delays.
  • Automated Tracking – provide end-to-end tracking from the time of booking, loading the box into the container until the box is delivered in the Philippines. 
  • Notifications – inform your customer about the status of their booking such as when a delivery agent is on their way to pick up their Balikbayan Box.

It’s these simple things that matter and make a difference to your customer.


Most Balikbayan Box companies differentiate themselves based on affordable prices and high-quality customer service.

Providing consistent customer service is a challenge especially during the peak season, when customer bookings and queries are at their highest.

If you do not have the staff and technology, it can result in unanswered queries, frustrated customers and potential business loss.

Overcome these challenges with:

  • An automated booking system can provide your customer with information they want and need providing them a fast and easy way to complete their transaction.
  • A mobile app can provide your customer with consistent information such as shipment dates, pickup times and tracking status of their box.


Customers today are more tech-savvy and comfortable using technology, especially if it means their experience is faster and simple.

Your customers will use online banking, self-checkout and other do-it-yourself options that give them information and control.

Allowing your customer to book their Balikbayan Box into a shipment or track their box can improve customer satisfaction, because it allows your customer to access information on their own terms.


The rate of smartphone use increased in recent years, driven by the development of affordable models.

The average smartphone user spends 3.6 hours on their phone each day. More importantly, that time is usually spent interacting with mobile apps.

In moving with this trend, many businesses have adopted mobile apps as a way to deliver their service and to allow customers to interact with them.

This has resulted in huge success for these businesses, both in terms of customer satisfaction and growth.

Mobile apps provide an easy way for your customers to get the information they need about the products and services. This makes a mobile app an exceptional asset and must-have tool for Balikbayan Box companies.


Regardless of what you think or how much technology you use in your business, one thing is for certain.

Digitization is transforming the customer experience.

If you want your Balikbayan Box business to keep ahead and offer great customer service, then technology needs to be a part of that.

Here’s a recap of everything we discussed in this article:

  1. Increased Convenience
  2. Keep Customers Informed
  3. Provide Consistent Service
  4. Empower Customers
  5. Offer Mobile Technology

At reternX, we offer a technology platform specifically designed for the Balikbayan Box industry.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you transform your customers’ experience using technology.